2019 IEEE 2nd International Conference on

Automation, Electronics and Electrical Engineering

November 22-24, 2019

Shenyang, China.

AUTEEE 2019丨November 22-24, 2019 丨Shenyang, China


AUTEEE 2019 is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Automation, Electronics and Electrical Engineering. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Topic 1: Automation and Control Engineering

Cyber physical production systems and industry 4.0
Self x-systems
Agents vs. service oriented systems
Intelligent products and manufacturing systems
Networked control systems
Model-coupling and co-Simulation
Standardization of interfaces, capabilities, communication, architecture
Cloud computing for automation
Big data and data mining
Architecture, pre-prosessing, data-curation, algorithm
Application examples: challenges, strength and weaknesses
Business models
Knowledge acquisition
Knowledge modeling (semantic technologies)
Knowledge-based engineering assistance
Automation and control
Automotive-, manufacturing-, additive manufacturing industry
Automation in meso, micro and nano-scale
Domain specific software & systems engineering
Discrete event systems
Model evolution (systems and software)
Human in the loop (in engineering and operation)
Building automation
Systems Theory and Control Theory
Nonlinear Systems and Control
Complexity and Complex System Theory
Distributed Parameter Systems
Stability and Stabilization
Stochastic Systems
System Modeling and Identification
Hybrid Systems and Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
Optimal Control
Optimization and Scheduling
Robust Control
Adaptive Control and Learning Control
Variable Structure Control
Computational Intelligence
Fuzzy System and Fuzzy Control
Process Control
Predictive Control
Motion Control
Signal Processing and Information Fusion
Big Data and Cloud Computing
Navigation and Guidance
Control Design
Intelligent Robots
Fault Diagnosis and Reliable Control
Automation and Control Education
Cyber-Physical System
Control of Network System and Network Control System
Multi-Agent Systems and Distributed Control
Sensor Networks and Internet of Things
New Energy Technology and Control in Environment
Data Driven Modeling and Control
Micro-nano and Quantum Systems
Automation and Application of Knowledge
Systems Biology and Life Systems
Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Intelligence
Systems Engineering Theory and Method
System Simulation, Integration and Evaluation
Smart Grid
Pattern Recognition and Deep Learning
Game Theory and Social Network
Aircraft Control
Fractional Order Systems and Control
Intelligent Automation of Resource Exploration and Utilization
Big Data Applications of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information

Topic 2: Robotics

AI and Computational Intelligence
Communications and Control
Computer Security
Computer structure
Computational Theory
Embedded Systems
High-Performance Computing
Internet and multimedia systems
Encoding programs of parallel algorithm and vectors
Fault tolerance and computation theories
Database and Data Mining
Mobile Computing
Network Security and Cryptography
Multimedia Networking
Mobile Wireless Networks
Wireless Sensor Network
Network Simulation and Modeling
Embedded system
CDMA, TDMA and FDMA air interfacev Cross-layer design
Game theory in wireless networks
Green pervasive computing
Mobile social networking
QoE in wireless systems
Smart antennasm
White-space Wi-Fi
Wireless access techniques
Wireless mesh networks
Wireless network coding
Wireless peer-to-peer
Wireless routing
Wireless security
Wireless sensor networks
Wireless video and multimedia

Topic 3: Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Electrical Machinery and Electrical Apparatus
Electrical Machines
Electrical Materials Electromagnetic
Electromagnetic Compatibility
High Voltage and Insulation Technology
Electro Technologies
Power Systems
Power Electronics
Advanced Adaptive Signal Processing
Embedded System
Image Processing & Understanding
Innovative Networking Technologies
Multimedia Communications
Network Security
Optical Communications
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Statistic Learning & Pattern Recognition
Telecommunication Services and Applications
Cognitive System Research
Electro Magnetism
Semi Conductors
Micro Controllers
Network Analysis
Wavelet Transforms
Radar and Microwaves
Information-based Control Systems
Distributed and Cooperative Control Systems
Networked Control Systems (NCS)
Wired and Wireless Networks
Network Control (Admission/Flow/Congestion Control, etc.)
Network Scheduling and Bandwidth Allocation
Informatics in Control and Communication
Cyber-physical Systems (CPSs)
Sensor and actuator networks
Multi-agent Systems
Case Studies and Applications
Cellular Networks, Wireless LANs, PANs, MANs, Sensor/ad hoc Networks


Important Dates

Submission Deadline: September 10, 2019

Notification Date: October 8, 2019

Registration Deadline: October 20, 2019

Conference Date: November 22-24, 2019